Your generosity enables the DOVE to give the people of the Black Hills the best opportunity to become fully developing followers of Jesus Christ. Financial giving can be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings.

Tithes: The word tithe in the Hebrew is the word maasrah, meaning "tenth". Therefore, by simple definition, a tithe is a tenth (10%) of your increase. Whatever increase comes to your house, 10% belongs to God. The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe to the church on a regular basis.

Offerings: When you feel called to give above and beyond your tithe, we do so as an offering. Our offering focuses on reaching a broader spectrum of the hurting and the lost.

As they are beckoned to the Dove Christian Center for their burdens to be broken and their yolks to be dashed, seeking out a family of believers to call their own, we must strive to indeed become the "city on the hill" for which they explore. This would not be possible without tithes and offerings.


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