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Christ's Super on my Natural - Gary Johnson

The very reason that something is called supernatural or miraculous is due to its happening totally outside the realm of human manipulation or reasoning. Some of the experiences I’ve shared are so bizarre and out of the ordinary that one might think I’ve fabricated or dreamt them. They are as fresh in my mind today as the day they occurred.

I had no desire to embellish or add to any of the occurrences mentioned. The reason for sharing is twofold: to inspire and provoke you to "go for the gold" yourselves and that honor and glory be brought to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Champion who made it through on our behalf!

I speak of growing up in a family of ten in the 40’s. Although we had little money, we were a loving family. My parents became born again when a circuit riding pastor came to a little country church in eastern South Dakota. Mom was healed while on her deathbed which sent them on a quest for God which was never abated.

The book is laced with human accounts, miracles, humor and Biblical insights that will aid you tremendously in your own walk.


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